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About us

Romero is a group of companies that was established in 1997 and deals with pawn shopping, gold jewellery retail, currency exchange and money transfer. We offer these services in 17 locations throughout the town of Galati, Romania. We have over 60 employees and a total turnover of over 6 mil € in 2012.

Over our 17 years of business we’ve had the same address and the same phone number. We’re easily found. The business partners we’ve had so far acknowledged and recommended us as a model of correctness and efficiency in business. We keep the same pattern today, when we open a new department dedicated exclusively to our special clients, both trade and individuals, who can provide more than 1,000g of gold of any purity or form for one transaction.

We propose to our clients a completely transparent, correct and efficient way of work. You won’t make useless trips. We have our own laboratory and enough cash. We are capable of melting the metal, extracting a probe and analysing it in our own laboratory then make the payment in the time it would take you to enjoy a cup of coffee at our office, in a secure environment.

We supply the technology, the know-how, the money and an excellent coffee. You only have to come with the gold. If you like your own coffee better, we are able to provide you with a courier service and your metal is insured all the while it is transported to our office.

We are open and flexible. We negotiate and we offer respect with every transaction.

Today's prices

lei/g Melted Gold
8K 000
9K 000
12K 000
14K 000
18K 000
20K 000
22K 000
24K 000
lei/g Melted Silver
999 000
925 000
lei/g Platinum
999 000
950 000
lei/g Palladium
999 000
lei/g Rhodium
999 000