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How we work

Establish contact. Call us, write us an e-mail or simply knock on our door.

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We establish the price. You tell us what quantity you want to sell and we settle the right price for you.

We assay the gold. We melt the gold under your eyes, we extract a sample and we assay it using the latest technology on the market and we offer you an assay certificate with the title of the gold.


We are using traditional methods, the latest high-technology
and highly trained staff for the most accurate assay possible.

Metal name

Establishing the
precise title of the metal
is just a matter of


Besides the invoice,
we supply a certificate
with the detailed
composition of your

We pay you. We issue the invoice on spot, we offer you cash up to the legal amount of 5,000RON and we instantly make the bank transfer for sums that exceed this threshold.

Today's prices

lei/g Melted Gold
8K 000
9K 000
12K 000
14K 000
18K 000
20K 000
22K 000
24K 000
lei/g Melted Silver
999 000
925 000
lei/g Platinum
999 000
950 000
lei/g Palladium
999 000
lei/g Rhodium
999 000