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Today's prices

lei/g Melted Gold
8K 000
9K 000
12K 000
14K 000
18K 000
20K 000
22K 000
24K 000
lei/g Melted Silver
999 000
925 000
lei/g Platinum
999 000
950 000
lei/g Palladium
999 000
lei/g Rhodium
999 000

Romero Gold Trade offers services such as buying, evaluating and melting of precious metals. We have our very own laboratory where the gold, silver and platinum are analyzed in front of you by our specialists, giving you the opportunity to gain numerous advantages should you choose to collaborate with our firm. The most important aspect is that we offer cash on the spot and the best price per gram, no matter the quantity, state or purity that you are selling. We also offer transparency and a secure environment so that we both earn time and money.

The Romero Gold Trade application is available so that you can stay informed in real-time. The App can be downloaded from herefor Android and from here for iOS.